Dev Meets Conf is meant to be a useful tool for those working as developers, PMs, QAs, UX, and others in the tech industry who want to find the best conferences happening this year.

Why did I create Dev Meets Conf?

I'm a software engineer and I was looking for an iOS or frontend conference to attend this year. I found the search to be difficult, as I was tediously looking at blog posts and trying to visit conference websites to collect the information I wanted to see. It was a frustrating experience and I still haven't decided which conference I'm going to. It should be much easier to find the conference you want to attend. I wanted search and filters / sorting based on conference popularity, cost, dates, languages, and more. So here we are.. Dev Meets Conf

Missing conferences, sponsors, and getting your conference featured

If a conference isn't on here, you would like to sponsor this site, or to add your conference to the featured conferences list for the visitors of this site to see, please reach out to me at

Founded in 2018, Dev Meets Conf is just getting started. My goal is to help the those working in tech by giving them easy access to conference information in a simple, easy to use, and well designed web app.

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Scott Walstead
Dev Meets Conf Founder